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Unlock the Secret to Making New Hires Feel Welcome & Comfortable on Day 1: It's the Week 1 Schedule

It’s no secret that the first day of a new job is a nerve-wracking experience. It’s the day when the rubber meets the road and you get to prove yourself. To make the experience as smooth as possible and ensure that new hires hit the ground running, I believe that employers should provide a week 1 schedule prior to day one.

Many employers still rely on the standard “first day orientation” to introduce new hires to their role, responsibilities, and co-workers. While this is important, it’s not enough. By providing a week 1 schedule prior to day 1, employers can give new hires a better understanding of the expectations and tasks that they’ll need to complete during the first week.

Plus, it will give new hires a sense of structure and purpose. Knowing that they have a plan to follow and tasks to complete will help them feel more confident and prepared. They’ll be able to transition more easily into their new role, and will be more productive from the start.

And let’s be honest – there’s something to be said for the comedic value of having a week 1 schedule. It gives new hires something to look forward to besides the inevitable awkwardness of meeting everyone on the first day. After all, nothing breaks the ice quite like a week 1 schedule!

In summary, providing week 1 schedules to new hires prior to day 1 is essential to ensure a successful transition into their role. It will help new hires feel more comfortable, give them a plan to follow, and let’s not forget – it’s also a great way to make everyone laugh.

Recap: If you’re an employer, don’t forget to provide your new hires with a week 1 schedule before day 1. It will make their first day a lot less stressful, set them and you up for success, and most importantly it will start the relationship on the right foot.


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