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The Workplace Culture Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a manager named Jane who was determined to create a positive culture at her work, Enchanted Garden. She knew that happy employees lead to more productivity and success, so she was determined to make a change.

Jane started by hosting weekly team meetings where they could laugh and bond. During these meetings, she would give out awards to the employees who most embodied the values of the company. For example, if someone went above and beyond the call of duty, they would be rewarded with a free lunch or a gift card.

Next, Jane implemented a few fun activities throughout the day. She encouraged her employees to take breaks and have conversations with each other. She also held random competitions, such as guessing the weight of a watermelon or who could make the best paper airplane.

Finally, Jane implemented a dress code that was a bit more relaxed and casual. Employees were able to wear jeans, sneakers, and even Hawaiian shirts. This gave the office a more relaxed atmosphere and allowed people to express their unique personalities.

Thanks to Jane's hard work, the office was soon filled with laughter and positive vibes. Everyone felt more connected and the productivity levels skyrocketed. Trust had been established within the team by allowing the team to showcase their credibility, reliability, intimacy, and self-orientation.

One day, a new employee named John was hired. John was a bit shy and didn't know anyone at the office. However, he quickly realized that Enchanted Garden was a special place. The employees were friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun. John started to feel more comfortable and confident, and he soon became a valuable member of the team.

Thanks to Jane's leadership, Enchanted Garden was a thriving company with a positive culture. The employees were happy and productive, and the company was successful. Jane's story is a reminder that a positive work culture is essential for any company that wants to succeed.

Recap: Building a healthy workplace culture requires a manager to help a team work through the 4 dimensions of trust:

  1. CREDIBILITY: Comes from professional knowledge and expertise - Do they know their stuff?

  2. RELIABILITY: Revealed through actions over time - Do you trust that they’ll do what they say they will do?

  3. INTIMACY: About emotions - You instinctively feel that you can or cannot discuss many kinds of issues with a certain person.

  4. SELF-ORIENTATION: About motives - Can I trust them to think beyond their own self-interest? Will they willingly do something that doesn’t directly serve themselves?


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