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Winning with the Underdogs at Work

An electronic scoreboard at a sports arena displaying the NCAA March Madness logo for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds, with team names and player statistics partially visible.

Hidden Heroes at Work: How Underdogs Make Us Win

What Am I Talking About: Sometimes, the people we don’t notice much at work can be our biggest stars.

Why It Matters: Helping these hidden stars shine through coaching and special plans can turn them into our team’s MVPs, leading us to awesome wins we didn’t see coming.

March Madness teaches us a cool lesson: don’t overlook the underdogs. They’re the teams that surprise everyone by winning when no one thought they could. Brackets around the world were busted this past week when Oakland University beat Kentucky (sorry, Kentucky fans). This happens at work, too. Here’s how focusing on our workplace underdogs can lead to big wins for everyone.

Spot the Hidden Stars (Underdogs)

Look for teammates who are trying hard but might not stand out at first. These folks are tough, ready to learn, and just waiting for their chance to show what they can do.

Help Your Underdogs Grow

Believing in someone can make a huge difference. It doesn’t always need money. Sometimes, it means giving advice, helping them learn from mistakes, and cheering them on. When someone needs to get better at something, don’t make it seem like they’re in trouble. Use it as a chance to set goals and help them improve.

Share Underdogs Success Stories

Tell everyone about teammates who worked their way up from being underdogs to being super important to the team. These stories can inspire everyone and show how awesome it is when we help each other succeed.

Make a Place Where Underdogs Thrive

We need a work environment where everyone gets noticed and has the chance to be great. Leaders should lead the way by supporting everyone’s growth and celebrating their successes.


Paying attention to the underdogs among us can uncover hidden talents that bring new ideas, growth, and unexpected victories to our teams. Remember, every underdog story is really about the power of believing in someone, supporting them, and giving them the right chance to shine.

By bringing the spirit of March Madness into how we find and grow talent at work, we could discover that our next big win comes from the most unexpected places.


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