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Internships: The Overlooked Goldmine

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  • 60% of interns may land full-time roles (Nod to National Association of Colleges and Employers).

  • Interns contribute as much as 6 weeks of full-time work—impressive, right?

  • For new grads, a solid internship is a golden ticket for employers (That's SHRM wisdom for you).

  • 70% of the big companies tap into internships for talent scouting (Glassdoor's stats don't lie).

  • Interns are 1.9 times more likely to stay past the year mark.

Internships Are More Than a Foot in the Door

An internship isn't just a job; it's the first chapter of a professional saga. Think of it as a sandbox where the new kids can build castles. A cool 60% of these stints can convert to full-time positions, says NACE. So, it's not just about today—it's also about who's going to lead tomorrow.

Set the Stage for Success

Here's what a standout internship look like:

  • Mentors: Matching interns with mentors isn't just nice; it's career-defining. It’s about guiding stars lighting the way.

  • Real Work: Assign projects that count. It's their runway to show what they’ve got—and for you to gauge potential standouts.

  • Tools of the Trade: Give them the keys to the kingdom, the same resources the veterans use. It gets them truly in the game.

Here's the kicker: interns can up your productivity ante, giving you a heft 6 weeks of extra full-throttle work.

Provide Constructive Connections

Feedback is like your breakfast bowl of Wheaties. It's the best! Regular, honest chats can keep interns on course and ensure they're contributing value. Plus, as Glassdoor points out often during peak internship season, 70% of top-tier companies use internships as a recruitment strategy to build their talent bench.

Interns Are Often In It For The Long Haul

Interns who gel with the culture tend to stick around—1.9 times more likely, according to NACE. That’s like having a loyalty boost built into your talent strategy.

Recap: Internships are a strategic investment in your company’s and the interns' future. With the right setup, you're not just giving them a learning curve—you're shaping the curve of your organization's growth. And that's a wrap on how you turn an internship program into a talent goldmine.


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