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HR Policies Gone Wrong: An Inside Look at the Most Ridiculous HR Rules

We've all heard the horror stories about HR policies gone wrong, but have you ever wondered what some of the most outrageous HR regulations look like in real life? Well, the following list of ridiculous HR rules should give you some perspective on just how far companies will go to control their employees' behavior.

  1. The No-Smile Policy: One California-based company implemented a policy that prohibited its employees from smiling during work hours. This was supposedly done to create a more professional atmosphere, but it definitely backfired as employees were left feeling demoralized and unhappy.

  2. The No-Joke Policy: Another company made it a rule that employees were not allowed to crack jokes or make comments that could be interpreted as jokes. This policy was implemented to ensure that no one was offended by another's humor, but it ended up creating an uncomfortable and tense work environment.

  3. The Mandatory-Lunch-Break-Diet: A company in the Midwest implemented a policy that forced its employees to adhere to a strict diet during their lunch breaks. This included restrictions on items such as candy, soda, and other unhealthy snacks. The policy was supposedly implemented to promote healthy eating habits, but many employees felt frustrated and resentful about the rule.

  4. The No-Socializing-During-Work-Hours Policy: A company in the Northeast implemented a policy that prohibited employees from engaging in any kind of socializing during work hours. This included talking to colleagues, sending emails, or even taking a phone call. This rule was meant to increase productivity, but ended up having the opposite effect as employees were left feeling isolated and disconnected from their coworkers.

Recap: These are just a few examples of the absurd HR policies that some companies have implemented in an attempt to control their employees. While these policies may be well-intentioned, they can often backfire and create a hostile or unpleasant work environment. So, if you're an HR manager, think twice before implementing a seemingly-reasonable rule that could end up having unreasonable and unintended consequences.


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